20. Juni 2014 11:20 Vindor Thakur - a star of India´s got talent

Vindor Thakur has been taking India by storm with his remarkable dance moves which he performsVinod Thakur would put you to shame with his moves – despite having no legsWeiter

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20. Juni 2014 11:08 Simona Atzori

Simona Atzori (June 18, 1974 ) is an Italian artist and dancer who was born in Milan. She was born without arms, and uses her feet to draw, write and perform all other daily activities.Weiter

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20. Mai 2014 16:27 Standing Ovations in Eppelheim

Wheelchairica mit seinem neuesten Stück “Alles inklusive” hat wieder mal die Halle gerockt und bei über 400 Zuschauern gezeigt, dass über 30 Akteure in und um den Rollstuhl eine große Atmosphäre mit Betroffenheit, Optimismus und...Weiter

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20. Mai 2014 16:24 Albert Schmiege

In the past 5 years, Albert has went from being a local obscure artist to achieving national recognition. In 1992, he was declared legally blind and could not drive due to macular degeneration. In 2005, while employed as a...Weiter

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07. Mai 2014 13:36 Marlana Vanhoose - an extraordinary story

Marlana was born with Cytomeglo virus (CMV), by the time she was a few weeks old it was discovered that she was blind. Her optical nerve never formed. She was not expected to live past one year. But God knew better...Weiter

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07. Mai 2014 13:31 Dagipoli Dance Group - eine inklusive Tanzgruppe

Das gemeinsame Hauptziel ist es, die Grenzen des menschlichen Körpers, der menschlichen Phantasie, und der menschlichen Seele zu erkunden. Weiter

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07. Mai 2014 13:26 Mary Verdi-Fletcher - a professional wheelchairdancer

Through persistence and courage, she achieved that dream and more to become one of the most revered dance visionaries in the United States.Weiter

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