28. April 2014 10:48 Todd Tostado - "My art gives me independence"

Over the last decade I have become more and more interested in 3D modeling and animation software, and now use combination with the design software to create art in various styles.Weiter

Kategorie: Künstler

28. April 2014 10:41 Keith Jones

Keith Jones is a Disability Rights Activist, Composer, Producer, and Hip Hop Artist.

Kategorie: Künstler

28. April 2014 10:33 Tranquillo Fregoni - a new mouthpainter on Brave Art

Since 1978 he lives in Caselle Landi (Lodi), a resort town in the Po valley on the banks of the river Po, where it gets inspiration for many of his works as well as still lifes and flowers.Weiter

Kategorie: Topnews, Künstler

25. April 2014 10:29 Black Saint Music at its best

Die besten Sängerinnen und Sänger aus der Gospel-, Soul- und Blues Community Deutschlands sowie eine erstklassige Auswahl von Musikern und vielen Chorsängern im angesagtesten Club Frankfurts gaben sich am Ostermontag in Frankfurt...Weiter

Kategorie: Topnews

24. April 2014 12:37 Adrian Anantawan - a national spokesperson

Adrian is a key proponent of the disabled arts, as he was born without a right hand.Weiter

Kategorie: Künstler

24. April 2014 12:14 Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei - an amazing dance couple

Last April they won the Silver Medal in China's national dance competition -- second out of 7,000 competitors.Weiter

Kategorie: Künstler

20. April 2014 15:57 Sky Mundell

The 19-year-old pianist wowed the judges and audience alike at the finale for Vancouver Island's Got TalentWeiter

Kategorie: Künstler

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