07. April 2014 12:09 Natalina Marcantoni

In 1996 she hosted her first one-woman exhibition in a cultural center in Verona which was a great success. An art critic referred to her works as an encounter with painting and poetry. She knows how to tell poetic stories with...Weiter

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04. April 2014 10:36 Triantafillos Iliadis

He was born with a serious malformation of his hands and one leg. From a very young age he began to paint with his mouth, since nature had chosen to deprive him of the use of his handsWeiter

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03. April 2014 10:30 Marco Voleri - his passion is stronger

When it turns out to be sick, Marco has thirty years and a career as a tenor just begun. Divides his days between study, auditions, concerts, rehearsals, travel. A life full of commitments and promises that is suddenly and...Weiter

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01. April 2014 11:08 John Britton

Britton was born with all 10 of his fingers cut off below the first knuckle after the umbilical cord wrapped around his hands. He was also born into a musical family in Odenton, Maryland, just outside of Washington.Weiter

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01. April 2014 11:04 Jean Sok

"But there were also a lot of people who encouraged me, so I took the positive (approach.) "I knew it might take me longer, but little by little I tried, and eventually I got to where I am right now."Weiter

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26. März 2014 10:18 Highlights machen den „twion“-Stammtisch zum Erlebnis

Kunden, Freunde und Gäste testeten am Freitag beim März-Stammtisch im AKTIV REHA CENTER (ARC) den neuen elektrischen Zusatzantrieb „twion“ von Alber auf Herz und Nieren.Weiter

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25. März 2014 11:07 Dean Zimmer - a Rock drummer

Zimmer said he's never had a music class and that all he's ever known is how to "play from the heart." And watching him play, you'll believe that.Weiter

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