07. Mai 2014 13:22 Lisa Fittipaldi - a blind painter ?!

Lisa Fittipaldi is a remarkable painter with an incredible expertise of light and color. Her art transports you to the landscapes and worlds that she paints, and you can visualize different cultures of the world through her...Weiter

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07. Mai 2014 13:19 Nobuyuki Tsujii

Nobuyuki Tsujii was born blind but with a talent for music. At the age of two, he began to play "Do Re Mi" on a toy piano after his mother had been humming the tune. He began his formal study of piano at the age of four. In 1995,...Weiter

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07. Mai 2014 13:08 Neues Musical Wheelchairica -alles inklusive

Faszination pur. Witz, Dynamik, gnadenloser Spot und unterhaltsames Entertainment. Das zeigen uns die Sänger, Tänzer und Schauspieler der Kultur- und Sportgruppe (KSG) Rhein Neckar e.V. mit ihrem Musical „Wheelchairica – alles...Weiter

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28. April 2014 10:48 Todd Tostado - "My art gives me independence"

Over the last decade I have become more and more interested in 3D modeling and animation software, and now use combination with the design software to create art in various styles.Weiter

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28. April 2014 10:41 Keith Jones

Keith Jones is a Disability Rights Activist, Composer, Producer, and Hip Hop Artist.

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28. April 2014 10:33 Tranquillo Fregoni - a new mouthpainter on Brave Art

Since 1978 he lives in Caselle Landi (Lodi), a resort town in the Po valley on the banks of the river Po, where it gets inspiration for many of his works as well as still lifes and flowers.Weiter

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25. April 2014 10:29 Black Saint Music at its best

Die besten Sängerinnen und Sänger aus der Gospel-, Soul- und Blues Community Deutschlands sowie eine erstklassige Auswahl von Musikern und vielen Chorsängern im angesagtesten Club Frankfurts gaben sich am Ostermontag in Frankfurt...Weiter

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