Our goal is to create the possibility to discover young, disabled people, promote them in their area, and to connect them with successful artists in workshops, music sessions, networks, performances, exhibitions, or technique workshops.


  • Internal contests are to be created in schools and facilities for disabled to find talented students that can then take part in workshops held by the school.
  • Regional artists should be recruited to enhance the existing talents of those selected and to teach techniques. (such as mouth painting, color mixing without finders, tool adjustments for sculpting , and changing grip).
  • Talent scouts search for participants from across the country, who would be able to participate in the respective artistic discipline in a talent contest. The format would be similar to Pop Idol (DSDS in Germany).
  • The winners would receive a stipend.
  • International exchange
  • Cooperation with art academies
  • Press and public relations work
  • Support for exhibitions, vernissages, concerts


The concept is, at first, only an idea in someone’s head. The second step is to win over people who believe in this topic. In the initial contacts made so far, the conversations not only spoke about wanting to do good, but also excitement and wholeheartedly believing in the concept. In addition to professors, editors-in-chief of leading newspapers, and artists from various areas of performance art and music, it is possible to build an interesting and rare coalition of socially engaged, but also public personalities. This initial network can be used to expand the network to include additional artists, partners, and sponsors.

Furthermore, the capital needed for operational costs must be raised. Charities are the first point of contact, but also business with an affinity for art can be approached.
Service clubs are asked for help and some are already informed. We expect large interest in this area.

Supporters of private schools can be approached to serve as beneficiaries.

Charity events are also planned.


Of course we cannot do this without incurring some costs. Operational costs, travel costs, and minimal remuneration of people involved with the concept, who are committing their time and energy, cannot be covered without support. For this purpose a transparent committee that oversees finances and spending needs to be developed. The committee would decide on targeting the use of funds for the talents. We will only start activities that are financially secure. The initiators bring with them experience in this area, through their involvement in organized events.