Thomas Kahlau, Mouthpainter (Paraplegic)

Mundmaler, Thomas Kahlau

Mundmaler, Thomas Kahlau

Mundmaler, Thomas Kahlau

Thomas Kahlau

1961- Thomas Kahlau was born in Potsdam on the 18th of July, 1961

1976-visited Thomas Kahlau the polytechnic high school, until at the age of 15 years he had  a bath accident and remained from the neck down paralyzed. He learnt to do many things with the mouth, took  part in painting lessons and drawing lessons and finished an education as a Japanese translator. In the review he calls the years between 1976 and 1986 „laborious, protracted and absolutely necessary ripe phase".

More and more devoted Thomas Kahlau himself the painting which was first only an occupational therapy for him and started to believe „in my paintbrush and in the colour like to friends and to trust them".

1986-in 1986 he applied for a scholarship of  the VDMFK (Association of the mouth – and footpainter artists) and was taken up as a scholarship holder.

1992 he became a related member and received three years later the full membership. About his affiliation to the VDMFK the artist writs on his homepage: „This strong self-help organisation whose member I am now gives me the social security which I need in my situation to be able to unfold my talent."

The landscape of brandenburg belongs to the preferential motives of Thomas Kahlau. Town views, buildings, people, flowers and animals are other subjects of his with oil, watercolour, acrylic colours and mixing technologies painted pictures. His mostly expressive works were already to be seen in numerous single exhibitions in Germany and are shown worldwide in many exhibitions of the VDMFK.

Thomas Kahlau would like to help prepossessions diminish compared with the art of people with impediments and also take affected heart and gives over and over again painting demonstrations in school classes or in rehabilitation facilities.

2000 his artistic and social engagement was appreciated in October, 2000 by the award of the Federal Cross of Merit  on the bonds of the salary order of the Federal Republic of Germany. In his book „The strength in me“ (construction paperback publishing company of Berlin, in 1992) he published his life history.

Now the book appeared in 2008 in a new edition and is to be received at the publishing company MFK Ltd under


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