Brave Art - art exhibition: mouth painter

The first art exhibition of Brave Art at Rehability in Weinheim,

which is to become also long-term the permanent institution and public magnet, takes place since the Rehability circus project on 27 September and is a full success. Under large assistance of the well-known German mouth painters Thomas Kahlau and Lars Höllerer as well as the local painter and sculptures artist Holger Rummer, Brave Art can present itself also in form of an art exhibition. With pictures, one was called well introduce itself with „e.g. alone “or „the red woman “, could, how artistically and also technically valuable these from mouth painters created pictures are. Also the sculptures of Holger Rummer, which is after a swimming accident „Tetraplegiker “and can use his hands only reduced, are worked fine and radiate partially peace, warmth and clarity, are manufactured with love for the detail. This exhibition is to become now a permanent institution and be with changing works and artists a shop window, which is in the art scene en vogue. In addition, newcomers and international artists are to be considered and are here requested to issue their works with us. So that remains not only limited to Weinheim, the responsible persons already plan an itinerant exhibition into the further branches Rehability´s to Frankfurt, Dresden and Sinsheim. In order to make the picture complete, we look for in addition, enterprises, galleries and organizations to offer these presentation possibilities also in their premises in order to make the art of and with handicapped ones accessible as much as possible interested one.

Michael Heil

The Concept

The Concept of Brave Art is Simple.

Promoting and publicizing the artistic works of disabled people does not simply demand knowledge of the art scene and the collection of profiles, contacts, and works. It is also the foundation for encouraging young and talented artists to do the same for the big names of the art world.
This brings us to the next step, introduction, that is the publicizing and display of works in galleries and exhibitions. Furthermore, such presentation is not just for the enjoyment of consumers, whether involved in the area of disability or not -  it is also an important and necessary method of equating the significance of art from "special groups" with that of able-bodied artists. This can only be achieved through common experience, work, and presentation, between disabled and able-bodied artists.


Without Support, We Will Never Reach Our Full Potential.


After several years, at least a few good and successful artists will arise from many young and talented beginners. It is the task of Brave Art to find these artists, to promote them, to prepare a platform for them to reach the stages and galleries of the nation or even the world, and to give them the chance of a career.
It goes without saying that this cannot happen without the help of professionals, and only with the effort of enthusiastic and staunch voluntary workers, as well as that of experienced and successful professionals. This cannot be done in any other way, without endangering our reputable and professional approach.

Links with artists such as Thomas Quasthoff, Klaus Kreuzeder, and Peter Radke, in addition to Roger Willemsen, Xavier Naidoo, Haidi Zhang, and our patrons Beckenbauer, Burda, and Voss, among many others, are necessary to achieve socially relevant results, and a significant amount of notice. Politics will also play an important role in this. Schäuble, Schmidt, and Köhler have the career and vocation, good fortune and status, to take a special position on this matter. It is essential to make use of this for the project, which has a long-term focus.